I bought a new domain for fun

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I saw an interesting TLD so I bought a domain with it but for what I’m going to use it?

What is the TLD? 🔗

The TLD is .みんな or .xn--q9jyb4c if you’re using Punycode. I thought it will be cool to have one unusual domain just for fun, some real random content and it’s uniqueness has just additional points.

The mysterious みんな actually means everyone in japanese and you can write it in Rōmaji as minna.

The domain itself was pretty cheap, to be exact it was $7.40/yr with same renew cost.

For what? 🔗

Yyym. I’m glad you asked! Because I have to think about it.

The idea is to have some separate domain for not so official stuff, some place where I can put everything I want to and don’t link this directly to the main ezioleq.com page. As an example I can host some pictures of cute anime girls catgirls and the new domain just looks unusual and unique!

To be honest I don’t know for what I’m gonna use it but it’s good to have some sort of an alternative. One safe space to do something for pure fun and don’t think if it’s alright to relate with the “official” stuff. I don’t know if you get it and I don’t know if I’m writing it right but yeah, it is just for fun.

What’s the domain??? 🔗

You got what you asked for. Now you can go.
For now this domain is just redirecting to this blog so you have to wait for the fresh content.

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